Best Canadian Fishing Resorts

Best Canadian Fishing Resorts

Fishing for Chinook, Coho, King, and Silver Salmon can be therapeutic after working so hard to earn a living. A visit to Canada gets you the chance to relax while angling. So, do not settle for less than the best Canada Fishing Resorts that include:

1. King Pacific Lodge: This luxurious lodge is located in Princess Royal Island of British Columbia. It ranks among the best because of the ocean, rainforest, and waterfall views which visitors can marvel at during their stay. Guests at this lodge love fishing for Coho and Pink Salmon. Enjoy a carbon-neutral vacation at this lodge known for its ecological responsibility approach towards tourism.

2. Camp Bonaventure: Should Quebec be your preference while visiting Canada, this fishing lodge is one of the best you can find in the area. The type of Salmon which is typically found here is known as the Atlantic. They live in the clear waters near the lodge. To improve your experience, professionally trained English pointers are available should you want to take up the adventure of shooting woodcock and grouse.

3. Post Hotel and Spa, Lake Louise: Banff National Park is one of the draws you get when you visit this lodge. This lodge is perched above this National Park at a height of 1,500 meters. It is an Alpine-style lodge that offers guests access to great skiing during the winter season. Most importantly, they are able to make arrangements for you to go on a fishing adventure. You will be thrilled to catch some fish with browns, cutthroat, rainbows, steelhead, and trophy brook trout among the species in that area.

4. Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge: In northern Manitoba, you can find this lodge set on the beautiful shores of the Egenolf Lake. Do not just appear without making a booking since they accommodate a maximum number of 24 guests at every point in time. With 24 lakes to fish in, your odds of catching an arctic grayling, lake trout, northern pike, and walleye is greatly increased. There is also the intimate surroundings and personalized service to enjoy.

5. Lake Obabika Lodge: The province of Ontario is home to this fishing lodge that is family-run. Enjoy the pleasure of fishing for speckled trout, small-mouth bass, and northern pike, on its pristine lake. Your catch can be served up for dinner by the chef should you make the request.

The Canadian fishing resorts listed above are one of the finest you can get in their respective regions.