Canadian Wilderness Dangers

Canadian Wilderness Dangers

Even the brave hearted know when to apply caution. The Canadian wilderness is an inhospitable region for this simple reason – it is fraught with dangers. The area is vast and best visited in the company of a guide. Despite its silence, anticipate problems and do not fall into its trap of false security. A few of the possible Canadian wilderness dangers include:

1. Cougars: There is a need to be wary of this one especially if you intend making a visit in the month of November. They are dangerous animals known to move from place to place on a frequent basis. Their favorite prey is deer but this does not prevent them from attacking humans with children being the most vulnerable. Your best bet should you encounter one is not to play dead but try to make yourself look as big as possible and fight back.

2. Polar Bears: They are not a strange sight as the melting of ice caps draw them closer to civilization with each passing day. Polar Bears do not attack humans often as Cougars do which is heartwarming to some degree. The worry is that when they do attack, the nastiness is better imagined than experienced.

3. Moose: You may be forgiven to assume that this animal does not fall into the category of dangerous ones. Moose are known to be a danger to motorists and easily make a charge the moment they consider themselves cornered or threatened. They have the capacity to cause damage when they attack using their imposing antlers in addition to a kick with either one of their front or back feet.  This is how dangerous moose can be.

4. Grizzlies and Black Bears: The Canadian wilderness is home to both species of bears. They are known to cross the road at will in the belief that the territory is theirs. Between both species, black bears account for more human deaths. You definitely do not want to cross either of them so your best bet is to avoid surprising them should there be an encounter. One life-saving tip is to use a zoom lens for taking pictures if you must and never attempt going close up.

5. Wolves: Both the Arctic and Eastern wolves rarely attack humans unless they feel threatened. They are not the fastest of animals which explains why they hunt together as a pack. Take heart in the knowledge that human fatalities caused by this member of the dog family are rare.

Despite the dangers associated with the Canadian Wilderness listed above, you have a better chance of surviving if you treat these animals with the respect they deserve. Remember, you are in their territory and need to apply a good degree of common sense.