Canoeing and Kayaking in Canada

Canada is an incredibly beautiful country and one of the best ways to see and appreciate all that it has to offer is by canoe through the many water systems around the country.  If you are up for an adventure and like the great outdoors then you’re going to love Canada, whether you want a quick day trip on the water or to spend a week or two in the bush, both are options.  Here are some great Canadian canoe and kayak trips.

The Mackenzie River

If you want to lose yourself in the wilderness with just you and your canoe then you are going to love this trip.  There are more than 1,800 kilometers of river to explore.  You can begin your journey at Hay River in Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories and end it at Tuktoyaktuk in the Arctic Ocean.  You won’t even be able to begin this trip until at least June and it will take more than a month to finish.

The French River

Nestled in Ontario this trip will take you from Lake Nipissing all the way to Georgian Bay.  This is a great trip to take if you are new to canoeing or if you are wanting a trip with family.  There isn’t much whitewater and what there is is not that bad.  The swimming is fantastic and summers here are beautiful.  This is cottage country for wealthy Torontonians so you can find some incredible campsites.  Here is a closer look.

Kejimkujik National Park

For the next trip head east to Nova Scotia and the calm waters of Kejimkujik National Park.  This trip is perfect for the beginner and there’s lots of country to explore.  There is almost 50km of Peskowesk Lake System offering up some unusual landscape.  There’s lots of red and white pine trees and if you just want a short day trip to get you started then this is perfect.  Grab some of the world renowned seafood nearby.

The Bowron Lakes Circuit

This has been rated by Outside Magazine as one of the world’s Top 10 canoe trips.  People come from all over the world to canoe the 110 kilometers of the Bowron Lake Circuit in beautiful British Columbia.  It is the canoer’s equivalent of running a marathon and there are 6 major lakes with two rivers and you will do a healthy amount of portaging along the trip.  You have the Cariboo Mountains in the background and while you can do this trip by yourself it is going to be a challenge.

Quetico Provincial Park

Quetico is way off the beaten path and it can be a bit of a challenge to get to, on the plus side if you like isolation there will be very few tourists here.  On the southern side of the park is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Minnesota.  You have more than 600 lakes and 2,000 wilderness campsites to explore.  You can spend the entire summer here and you still won’t get to see everything!

This is but a sampling of the numerous place that you can explore in Canada on your canoe.  Canada is just so vast and with so much water you could spend the rest of your life exploring.