Fishing and Hunting in Canada

People have different ideas about what constitutes a fun vacation, for some it is traveling to exotic places to look at wonderful pieces of art.  For others, they prefer to pit themselves against nature and head out into the wilderness.  If you feel you belong in the latter category then let’s explore some of the best hunting and fishing spots you can find in Canada.

Canada has acres of wilderness and thousands of lakes where you can catch everything from Northern Pike to salmon.  There are hunting lodges where you can only reach them by boat or by air.  Grab a couple of buddies, all the gear that you need and put yourself hundreds of miles away from civilization in the Canadian Wilderness and try some of the most amazing hunting and fishing you can find anywhere in the world.

Booking accommodations

There are thousands of eco-tourism lodges and resorts with varying degrees of comfort available for your trip.  You can make it as rough or as comfortable as you want, what you do want to make sure you have is a guide.  The Canadian wilderness, no matter where you are is vast and unforgiving and even for the most experience hunter or fisherman you don’t want to waste your trip finding the right spot to find your game.  So do your research before you make a booking to ensure that you will have everything you want for your trip.

What Do You Want to Hunt

You have plenty of choices as to what game you want to hunt, be it deer, moose, bear or grouse hunting.  What you can hunt will vary on the time of year and where you decide to go.  Canada has hunting seasons and you will be required to purchase an hunting license from the provincial Ministry of Natural Resources.  Northwestern Ontario or Northern Quebec are great spots, so is Labrador and Northern British Columbia.  The hunts can be guided or unguided although a guide is definitely recommended.  Some resorts will dress and cook your game for you, so you can truly appreciate the trip.  Here are some of the game you can find in Northern Ontario

Fishing in Canada

There is very little difference between the fishing and hunting resorts in Canada, in fact most will offer you both options.  What type of fish you try and catch will vary on the location.  The lakes and river systems throughout Canada, especially in the north are pristine making excellent options for kayaking as well.  You won’t be visiting any of these man made stocked lakes to catch 2lb trout.  Here there is large and smallmouth Bass, Trout, Arctic Char, Salmon and Pickerel.  All of them willing to put up a fight!

Fishing and hunting are national past times in rural Canada and many of the remote communities rely on both to provide food for their families throughout the winter.  There are thousands of square miles of hunting grounds along with plenty of lakes to make sure that your trip is successful.  Check online for some of the many resorts that can show you where to find that next hunt.