Glacier Kayaking Canada

Glacier Kayaking Canada

Few things are as surreal as kayaking through the glaciers of Canada. The experience this offers has been said by many to be quite memorable and worth planning for. One of the best places to get the most out of this experience in Canada is in British Columbia. Not only do you get the chance to take in breathtaking views, the prospect of riding on a helicopter and exploring ice caves is mouthwatering. Here are a few reasons to tempt you into visiting British Columbia in Spring when the glaciers start to thaw:

Helicopter Ride

Nothing beats the stunning view one gets of glaciers in British Columbia from a good height above sea level. For around $5,000 you can fly above mountain peaks and get to see some local wildlife with 4 other guests. The 4-hour ride affords you the opportunity to fly above mountain peaks and stunning ice formations. Do not fail to have a camera by your side as you explore the remote inlets of British Columbia from the skies. The alpine lakes, lush valleys among other great views you capture with it helps you relive the memorable experience enjoyed when you return home. At the end of this sightseeing tour filled with new discoveries, the helicopter takes you to the glacier lakes which are simply breathtaking.

British Columbia Glacier Lakes

This dreamy landscape of turquoise waters is formed when glaciers thaw in Spring. The vibrant blue water is perfect to paddle on or kayak as you meander through the contours of the lakeshore. Although this water remains perfectly still at all times, you get the impression of floating on a river. Glacier kayaking in late Spring is tourist friendly and best experienced in the month of June though it lasts from June to September. The next thing to do after paddling on a glacier-fed lake is to explore the ice caves.  Here is a closer look at the park.

Ice Cave Exploration

The moment you step inside an ice cave you get this wonderful feeling that leaves you wanting some more. These unique ice caves are graced with icicles which stretch like columns from its floor to the ceiling. The beauty of an ice cave can be explored all through the year.

The unspoiled natural beauty of a glacier-fed lake, the chance to see wildlife from an aerial view, and an exploration of beautiful ice caves, is enough reason to add glacier kayaking in British Columbia among your bucket list of things to do this Spring.