Horse Riding Trips in Canada

Horse Riding Trips in Canada

Canada has a long tradition of horseback riding and you can find a modern stable to rent or ride horses almost anywhere in the country.  There are still cowboys to be found across the prairies and in southern Ontario.  There are equestrian events all summer long all over the country, but the Calgary Stampede is the ultimate equestrian event.  “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” brings more than a million horse lovers to the city of Calgary every year.

Horseback vacations are also a great way to experience the Canadian wilderness, improve your riding skills or just to have a vacation that’s a little different from the norm.  While the idea of a horseback riding vacation may conjure up images of Billy Crystal in City Slickers, rest assured it’s not going to be quite like that although a cattle drive is totally possible.  Let’s have a look at a handful of the best horseback riding vacations you can book in Canada.

British Columbia Ranch

Here you can kill two birds with one stone, you can spend your vacation horseback riding and see some of the Canadian Rockies up close.  This is the ultimate outdoor adventure vacation.  Not only can you spend your days on horseback but you can also give whitewater rafting, fly fishing, tennis or even explore the trails on a mountain bike.

This is a family owned and operated business and they will do everything possible to make sure that you have a great time while you’re here.  They have some world class riding programs that can cater to any level of proficiency.  Not even in Canada will you find such a great combination of scenery, activities, riding trails and experienced horse people to give you some pointers.

Calgary Ranch

This is a working ranch in Southern Alberta and there are herds of deer and elk along with herds of Texas Longhorns on this 4,000 acre ranch.  If you book at the right time of year, you can help with the annual cattle drive, but you need to make your reservations well in advance the spots fill up early.

This is truly an adventure holiday in the foothills of the Rockies along the BC border.  If you were thinking of City Slicker this is the closest you will get to that experience.  Give it a try you may be surprised at how much you enjoy the experience.

Canadian Rockies Ranch

This ranch is located near Banff National Park, one of the most popular and beautiful parks in all of Canada.  There will be plenty of wildlife to see and the trails go way back into the forests.  There are plenty of lodges along the way and you can relax in comfort once you get out of the saddle.  The views are breathtaking and make sure you bring your camera this is where you’re going to see elk, mule deer, and even a bear or two.

There are plenty of places throughout Canada where you can go horseback riding for the day, but these place are where you can turn horseback riding into an excursion.