Most Dangerous Animals in North America

When it comes to deadly animals North America is certainly not the most dangerous place you can visit, there are no lions or tigers lurking in the bushes ready to pounce but there are a handful that you do need to be wary of.  So who exactly are the most dangerous animals in North America?  Let’s have a look, some of them may surprise you.

  1. American Bison

These animals are HUGE so it is not surprising they have made this list, standing almost 6ft tall and weighing around 3,000 lbs the bison are the biggest land animals on the continent.  Though typically not aggressive if you get in their way look out!  Despite their size these guys are surprisingly fast and if you get hit by one, you’re done for.  Injuries from a bison attack can be a few broken bones, puncture wounds or even death.  Give them a wide berth.  Here is a look at how dangerous they can be.

  1. Mountain Lion

You may know the mountain lion by a couple of other names like the cougar or a puma.  You can find them all over North America.  These are big scary cats weighing in at almost 300lbs and can be up to 9ft long from the tip of their noses to the tip of their tails.  Not only are they big they are fast too clocking in at 50mph and they have no problem climbing.  They have powerful bites they use to break the necks of their prey and the rare occasion they have attacked humans they use that same method.  They do avoid people but as cities encroach further into their territory there have been more reported attacks.

  1. Crocodiles and Alligators

You only need to take just one look to see how scary they are.  A throwback to the dinosaur age these animals have the strongest bite of any animal ever measured.  These are opportunistic predators and don’t really attack humans often.  Mostly they will go for smaller animals they can swallow in one bite.  However when they do go after larger prey, they typically drown them first, they will stalk from the bushes and attack suddenly.  Like many of the other animals in this list, human encroachment has meant a greater number of human attacks, most of which happen in Florida.

  1. Wolves

The grey wolf is the biggest of the species and you can find it mostly in Alaska, Canada and the Northern United States.  Years ago wolf packs were a genuine threat to people in Europe.  They are dangerous enough individually but wolves tend to hunt in packs containing up to 40 wolves.  You won’t find many wolves in populated areas but if you like backcountry camping, then you need to be wary.

  1. Bears

There are three different types of bears to be found in North America and none of them are particularly friendly. Of all types the brown which includes the grizzly is by far the most dangerous.  These animals are huge, territorial, aggressive and come with big teeth and even bigger claws.  While bears don’t eat humans and they will avoid you when they can, cornering one is never a good idea.  If you see baby bears, no matter how cute they are you need to get out of there, mama bear is dangerous.  Avoid eye contact and back away slowly, guns can be ineffective against them and bear spray is a better option.  Black bears interact with people more often and are found closer to populated areas.  Bears can and will kill so give them their space and stay out of their way.

These are some of the apex predators that you find in North America, you still need to be cautious of snakes and spiders, some of those can be deadly too.