Reasons to Visit Parc Omega in Winter

Reasons to Visit Parc Omega in Winter

A visit to a wildlife Park is always a thrilling experience. The sight and feel of the wild nature is very pleasing; it takes all the urban stress away. Most people love to visit wildlife parks during summer when the sun is out and there is plenty of animals to see. But have you ever wondered what it is like during winter?

Parc Omega in Canada provides the perfect feel and experience of wildlife during winter. The Arctic wolves come out to play in the snow, the Bisons show off their perfect winter coats, plants remain dull and their food is just brilliant. Here are 3 things that make Parc Omega a great destination during winter.

1. Plenty of animals to see

The Parc Omega wildlife park is home to a wide range of beautiful animals and almost all of them have adapted to the Canadian climate. During winter, you will always find animals up and about playing in the snow. The deers run around leaving tracks, wild boars are unbothered, you will always find them scavenging for carrots, and the Canadian moose sheds its antlers. The winter experience is just too interesting. Some other animals that you would spot include the caribou, bison, Arctic wolf, Grey wolf, coyotes. wild turkeys, and squirrels. The bear is usually asleep during winter.

2. The Maple at Cabane `a sucre

Cabane `a sucre has a beautiful setting deep in the woods of Parc Omega. I can promise you that their maple taffy would be the climax of your visit. The staff use the maple products around the park to make their delicacies. Their maple taffy has an amazing natural taste that would always leave you wanting more. With every bite, you can easily taste the different ingredients. They also have some tasty treats that you can carry around.

3. Sleigh Rides

Taking rides in snowy environments is a thrilling and fun experience. Busting through snow as you see different animals can be even more fun. Parc Omega offers free Horse-drawn wagon rides that are going to take you through different areas of the park as you explore the animals and the surrounding. Make sure you have your snowshoes strapped to this one.

Winter is a low season in the park so this is a great time to explore with your family or friends; its like you have the whole park to yourselves. Animals tracks would still be undisturbed so will be able to trace whatever you want to see. You will also get undivided attention from the animal experts and zoologists as they take you around; yes they have animal experts and zoologists as tour guides.