Traveling Tips for Canada

Canada is great place to spend your next vacation and there are so many things to see and do.  Canada has lush forests, vast open spaces filled with wildlife, breathtaking mountain views, white sandy beaches on both the Pacific and Atlantic and multicultural cities to explore.  You will never run out of things to do, Canada is vast so prepare to take the time you need to experience as much of the Canadian hospitality as you can.   Before you book your plane tickets though here are some travel tips to get your ready for your Canadian adventures.

Get a Travel Guide

When you come to a foreign country especially if it is new to you then having a travel guide is always a guide idea.  If you don’t necessarily want to purchase a travel guide then check online form some travel tips to get you through the basic customs.  Lonely Planet and Fodor’s have great guides, then can give you lots of insight into your destination and local customs.  It can also help you find some of the coolest places to eat, shop and fun things you will want to check out.

Consider the Weather

Canada in the winter is very cold and in the summer it’s very hot.  Where you are going will also affect the weather, for instance the central part of Canada can be very humid in the summer whereas the coasts tend to be cooler.  If you are going to the mountains you can expect rapid changes in the weather no matter what time of year you visit.  If you are visiting the west coast then you can expect rain all year round.

Prepare for the Border

Before  your flight lands at one of the major airports and are ready to clear customs the first thing you are going to want to is make sure you have the right documentation.  Since 9/11 traveling to and from Canada has changed, depending on the country of origin it will depend on what documents that you need.   Always check with the Canadian Consulate before you travel.  Here are some tips for going through the border.

Get Local Currency

In Canada the local currency is the Canadian dollar, and you should have at least some cash before you arrive.  Although most places will accept US currency you won’t get the best exchange.  Almost everywhere will take credit and debit cards, from corner stores to local restaurants.

Tipping at Local Businesses

Tipping at restaurants is part of Canadian customs and tips are never included in a restaurant bill.  Standard tipping rates are between 12-20% depending on how good you feel the service is.  Tipping is not expected at fast food restaurants but it is optional at local coffee shops.

Canada is a wonderful place to visit and the hospitality of the Canadian people is second to none.  You could spend a lifetime here and still not experience everything that the country has to offer.