Vacationing on the Thousand Islands

Vacationing on the Thousand Islands

The key to a long and happy life is finding a way to balance work life with family life and that is never easy. You need to spend time away from the stresses of the office and treat you and your family to a vacation once in awhile. If you want an interesting destination then try vacationing on the Thousand Islands located along the St Lawrence in Ontario.

Whether you are alone on a business vacation or spending it with your family, here are a few things to do while vacationing on the Thousand Islands in Ontario, Canada:

1. Thousand Island Playhouse: Besides the scenic view which this theatre offers, lots of high-quality productions are being enjoyed by visitors on a regular basis. It is a quality theatre located in Gananoque and sits on a compelling waterfront setting. No matter where you sit in this theatre, it is designed to offer everyone a great sight line.  Here is a closer look.

2. Brockville Railway Tunnel: You can enjoy a walk with your family around this tunnel laced with so many interesting lighting. This architectural work has stood since 1860 when it was completed. It is the first railway tunnel in Canada which makes it a historic site worth visiting. This half-mile-long railway tunnel is a must-see while you vacation on the Thousand Islands. You might even find yourself dancing to the music that plays as you walk through the tunnel.

3. 1000 Islands Tower: Make sure to visit this tower on a clear day in order to take in the scenic view below. It used to be called the 1000 Islands Skydeck and has two viewing areas. You can climb to the first viewing area in an elevator but will have to make use of a flight of stairs to reach the next viewing area.

4. Fort Wellington: Another great place to visit with your family. It offers your kids a chance to win some prizes should they complete some activities. You also get to learn a lot of history from the well-informed staff of this 1812 Fort. Over the years it has undergone some repairs and is protected under Parks Canada.

5. Brockville Arts Centre: This is a wonderful place to catch up to date movies and live professional shows from the US and Canada. The seating is comfortable and its sound system works great. It is also easy to get parking in this modern theatre. Buy a ticket while you are here and be treated to a good dose of exciting movies.

1000 Islands is rich in history and offers a perfect location for an outside vacation.