What is Canada Known For

What is Canada Known For

When you first think of Canada, what comes to mind?  Is the sheer vastness of Canada, the natural beauty, hockey or maple syrup that first pops into your head, maybe it is the politeness of the Canadian people.  All of these things and so much more make up the country.  With a massive country that has a small population wildlife and nature abounds.  It is the perfect place to take a long road trip, but let’s look at some of the things that makes Canada so special.

The Landscape

In a country as large as Canada is you’re going to find some pretty diverse landscapes.  It is a beautiful country filled with outdoor wonders and it home to the largest coastline in the world, it reaches from the Atlantic to the Pacific.  It also has more lakes than any other country in the world, many of them are world famous.  Lake Louise in Western Canada is one of the most photographed places on earth.

The country is home to a wide variety of animals, it is probably the only country where you can see a killer whale, a polar bear and grizzly all in one day.  The Canadian people are steadfast in their desire to keep these natural places protected and yet open to the public.  There are more than 40 National Parks across the country and hundreds of provincial parks where you can do everything from camping to zip lining.  Canadians love their wild open spaces.

Maple Syrup

You can’t mention Canada without mentioning maple syrup, with more than 80% of the world’s maple syrup coming from here.  The province of Quebec is hands down the maple syrup capital of the world thanks to the forests of maple trees you find here.  The sap from the maple tree is collected in the spring, it is a process that the native people first started.  It has been refined to be more efficient over the centuries and you will maple syrup all over the world.  Think of the Canadians the next time you have pancakes!  Here is a look at how the trees are tapped.


Walk down the main drag of any city in Canada and you’re bound to see someone wearing a hockey jersey from their favorite team.  Hockey isn’t just a sport here it’s almost a religion.  The game was invented here, it is the official national winter sport and it is played  on the street, in arenas, in schools and on frozen ponds all across the country.  The Stanley Cup is one of the oldest trophies in professional sports and also one of the most difficult to win.  Canadians have won countless back to back world championships at every level and back to back Olympic victories.  You will find minor league teams in almost every city but only 6 NHL teams in Canada.


Please and thank you is ingrained in Canadian children almost from their first words.  Apologies are handed out easily, even when they aren’t the person at fault.  Politeness is the cultural norm, so if you’re traveling through Canada don’t be surprised if you bump into a Canadian accidentally and they are the ones to apologize to you.  You won’t just find that level of politeness in Nova Scotia, or Ontario it is pretty normal across the entire country.