Wilderness Canoeing in Canada

One of the most effective ways to simply get away from the hustle and bustle of urban living is to take a wilderness canoeing trip. By paddling around remote rivers and lakes, you can get in touch with nature and recharge. Canada is packed full of locations where you can canoe out off the beaten path. Every canoeing trip to the wilderness should take you to a remote yet reachable location. Here, you are free to canoe with literally no other craft visible on the water.

In addition to that, your canoeing trip location should be breathtaking. Spending at least ten days in your personal paradise is enough to recharge and reset your internal clock. To thrive in this location while staying safe from the elements and animals, you require a number of accessories. Discover what you need to carry when wilderness canoeing in Canada

A proper canoe

First and foremost, you need to get an ideal canoe for the trip. It should have a high rocker and be fitted with spray cover. Furthermore, ensure that the canoe is at least 17 feet so that it can provide you with enough maneuvering and luggage space. The canoe should also protect you from chilly water and be durable enough to handle bumps and scratches. To go with it, you should get some knee pads, a tracking line that’s at least 25 feet long and a yoke which is padded. With this equipment, your canoeing experience should be smooth.¬† Here are some tips on getting a proper canoe.

A tundra tarp

In the wilderness, you are exposed to nature and the elements. Sometimes, nature can be pretty harsh and the further north you go the harsher it can get. Therefore a tundra tarp comes in handy to protect you from mosquitos and adverse weather. A good quality tundra tarp can keep out bugs and survive gales of wind blowing at speeds of 40mph.

A gasoline stove

A gasoline stove is especially important whenever you go to the wilderness. It allows you to prepare meals conveniently. A gas stove is the best option because it is easy to carry around and light up as well. Moreover, it produces a flame that stays strong even in the breeze.

Warm clothing

One of the most important things to ensure is that you have enough warm clothing. To stay cozy throughout your trip, woolen clothing is the best option. The fabric locks in warm air and provides layers of protection. Carry along extra sets of woolen long johns and mid-layer clothing items. Lined boots and a rain coat are also highly advisable.

The objective of taking a wilderness canoeing vacation is to refresh your mind and relax. To accomplish this, you should carry along these items. Not only do they ensure comfort as you enjoy the vacation, they can also save your life out in the water.