Wildlife Viewing in Canada

Wildlife Viewing in Canada

Being such a large country Canada has many indigenous species of wildlife and people travel from all over the world to come and see and study them. Heading out into Canada’s many forests and national parks you may just run into one or two, but be careful the wildlife here isn’t always friendly. Let’s take a look at some of the more common species that you can find while you’re here.

1. Whales

Canada has three oceans and you can find whales in all of them. You can head to the north and check out narwhals, and beluga whales. Churchill, Manitoba sees more than 3000 whales to feed and give birth. But you can go on whale watching tours on both the east and west coast along with the mouth of the St Lawrence. Dozens of tour operators offer day trips out in ocean to see the whale that come through Canadian waters.

2. Buffalo/Bison

Come and see North America’s largest mammal, the bison were once very close to extinction because of hunting, now the herds numbers are starting to stabilize. You can plain bison when you visit Elk Island National Park near Edmonton. You can also find them a little further north at the Wood Buffalo National Park in the Northwest Territories. Most of these herds were transplanted here but if you stop in Saskatchewan you still find them in their native habitat in Prince Albert National Park.

3. Spirit Bears

Head to the Great Bear Rainforest in BC to find the mythical bear that roams the forests. Okay so they are not exactly mythical, rather they are Kermode Bears and they are just black bears with a recessive gene making them look white. If you head to BC in the fall that’s when you have the best chances of seeing the spirit bear. Here is a closer look at them.

4. Wolves

Wolves in the wild won’t be easy to spot and if you do it will be purely by chance. Wolves tend to be shy and they only come out at night, but there is a sure fire way to hear them. Head over to Algonquin National Park every Thursday in August and once the sun goes down the park rangers along with the tourist give a long loud wolf howl, the wolves that call the park home always respond…pretty cool.

5. Polar Bears

People from all over the world head to Churchill, Manitoba in the late fall to catch the large population of polar bears. Here is where the bears wait for the Hudson Bay to freeze so they can head north. There is nearly a 1,000 bears that wander freely through the town. It is pretty cool to see these giants bears wander through town posing for pictures. This is a must see experience that you will not regret.

6. Caribou

Head to Northern Labrador in the early fall to watch the caribou migrate south. Thousands of herds wander through and if you book a trip with the Great Canadian Adventure Company you can hangout in a photography lodge where caribou wander right in. The caribou bring with them other animals that follow including wolves, bears and the arctic fox.